Precious Metal Types

Like diamonds, the precious metals used to make your engagement rings and wedding bands are also natural wonders. And today’s bride has more choices than ever before to customize a ring to suit her taste. With so many precious metals to choose from, your ring is bound to be a very personal expression of your individuality.

Some of the most popular precious metal choices are also offered in the wide array of engagement rings and wedding bands at Apple Valley Diamonds. Learn more about them before you make your final selection.

White Gold

All karat gold used in fine jewelry is a mix of pure (yellow) gold along with other alloys to create the exact shade desired. In the case of white gold, the alloy will be another fine metal such as silver or platinum, or a combination of whiter metals to give the gold its cool white tint. White gold is an excellent choice for ‘high’ color, or very white diamonds and is a modern sophisticated choice for many brides.

Yellow Gold

The perennially popular yellow gold creates a rich warm glow next to all diamonds. Yellow gold enjoys the longest history of all the precious metals. Yellow gold’s soft natural beauty lends an elegant appeal any jewelry item. Pure gold is alloyed with other warm color metals like copper for instance to create yellow karat gold, and to give it strength.

Rose Gold

The fashionable pinkish-toned rose gold is gaining in popularity with stylish designer jewelry today. Its feminine appeal is a beautiful choice for many modern jewelry items. It may seem like it has just arrived, but actually this metal was in vogue decades ago and has made a welcome come-back now. It is lovely paired to diamonds and also colored gemstones.
White, yellow and rose gold does not tarnish or corrode. The karat (or pureness) of any gold color is described as such: 24K means pure gold with no alloys added. 18K gold indicates a metal with 75% pure gold to 25% alloy. When the gold is 14K, it is 58.33% pure gold with the rest being an alloy metal.


A metal with a lot of heft, platinum is the metal of choice for royalty. It is a silvery-white precious metal first discovered in the 17th century and made popular by European royalty who had their diamond rings set in platinum during the Art Deco period. The supply of platinum is extremely limited making this a more expensive selection. As platinum wears over time, it develops a very soft luster which is highly coveted by its devotees.

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