How to Choose a Diamond using the 4C's

We want you to enjoy learning about your diamonds and jewelry since it will enhance your appreciation for these fine works of nature and allow you to get more enjoyment out of owning them. Here are some things you’ll want know.


Diamonds are a fascinating subject. The more you learn about them, the greater you are able to understand what a miracle of nature they really are. We have created the Diamond Education Page to simplify learning about the quality components of a diamond. These are called the 4Cs.

There you will learn that a diamond’s cut for instance is not the shape of the stone, but rather a way to describe the precision cutting and polishing and symmetry which affect its brilliance. Well cut diamonds have more ‘life’ to them, and reflect light better. Understanding Light Performance

Words like brilliance, dispersion and scintillation all describe different aspects of light performance in your diamond. The light reflecting back from the diamond is called brilliance. But the light that breaks up into the spectral (rainbow) colors when it enters the diamond is its dispersion. We see scintillation when the flashes of reflected color bounce back and forth over the diamond as it moves.

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