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Discover the Apple Valley Diamonds difference. This is where smart shoppers learn about diamonds and find the highest quality diamonds sourced from around the world. But Apple Valley Diamonds loyal customers are most proud of the fact that they can buy the finest diamonds at wholesale prices. Look all around and then come back to Apple Valley Diamonds for pricing that can’t be beat in Minneapolis, MN or anywhere in the entire US. . . You’ll know you’ve made the right choice by shopping here.


The personal experience you’ll find at Apple Valley Diamonds is like none other. First of all, we bring decades of diamond expertise to you. We want to share our expertise with you. This way you can learn about diamonds before you buy and then make an informed choice when selecting the diamond of your dreams. With our guidance, you’ll lean about what impacts quality, value and price with your diamond purchase. When you buy at Apple Valley Diamonds, you know you’ve found the very best quality and price.


Apple Valley Diamonds offers one of the largest selections of fine loose diamonds available anywhere. So you can select the exact diamond shape, size and quality to suit your style and your budget. Enjoy browsing through our vast array of designer mountings to customize your very own diamond engagement ring. No one else will have exactly the same ring as the one you’ve created. Apple Valley Diamonds thinks your jewelry should be as unique as you are, and should reflect your individuality. So don’t settle for a ring lacking personal expression when you can design your own diamond ring at Apple Valley Diamonds.


The reason why we’re able to offer the top-notch diamonds at wholesale prices is because of our buying power. We’ve been in the diamond trade for decades dealing with the most competitive suppliers from around the world. So we can pass those savings on to our valued customers. That’s why shoppers at Apple Valley Diamonds soon become our loyal clientele. We build relationships through personalized customer care, the latest designer styles, and unsurpassed wholesale pricing on loose diamonds and mountings.


Our customers have confidence in Apple Valley Diamonds, because we provide all the quality details about a diamond you select prior to purchase. You can also view the laboratory grading report from the world’s leading gemological laboratories for an extra layer of confidence in the diamond you select. Consider Apple Valley Diamonds to be your personal diamond concierge---you’ll be glad you did!

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